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The NHWC is located within the confines of the Kisii Level 6 Hospital complex. It houses several clinics which include:

  • Antenatal and maternity services with feto -maternal medicine specialization
  • General gynecology services
  • Menopausal medicine
  • Minimally invasive and gynaecological surgery services

General gynaecological services

  • Routine gynaecological checkups & pap smear
  • Breast examination
  • Treatment of infections
  • Management of fibroids, cysts and pelvic pain
  • Family planning services

Menopausal medicine

  • Assessment and management of menopausal problems
  • Hormonal replacement therapy

Minimally invasive and gynaecological surgery

  • Management of fibroids and cysts
  • Surgery for pelvic problems
  • Management of ectopic pregnancies

Removal of the womb/hysterectomy via laparoscopy or vaginally or through the abdomen.


Antenatal and maternity services

The Kisii Level 6 hospital provides top of the range antenatal, labour and maternity services under one roof. We provide antenatal services and packages suited to ones needs. The Anderson maternity package is run in the Anderson hospital centre located adjacent to the doctor’s plaza. It is open to all and is run by qualified obstetrician gynaecologist supported by a team of midwives and nurses who will support your medical and social needs from before conception to delivery and thereafter in care of the baby.

The package includes 6 antenatal visits, 2 postnatal visits, Antenatal profile tests i.e. HIV, Hepatitis b screening, syphilis screening ,a blood count and blood group and rhesus testing. We also provide one obstetric ultrasound scan. In addition to this, we offer 3 day in patient and delivery support for normal delivery and 5 days for caesarean deliveries. All deliveries are attended to by a qualified obstetrician gynaecologist accompanied by a team of midwives.

The visits are structured in a way to maximize your interaction with the doctor. Each visit will include a weight check, urine check, blood pressure check and progress check on you and your unborn baby. In this clinic we would also be able to screen for abnormalities in the unborn child and manage any changes that one encounters in the pregnancy.

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