The Kisii Level 5 Hospital is renowned for the high quality nursing care and provision of excellent patient services nationally, regionally and globally. Because we pride in professionalism and, we take great care to recruit and retain nurses of high calibre who are committed to quality patient care.

Consistency in care delivery is guaranteed through the development and utilization of nursing procedures, policies and standards set against International bench marks. Regular internal audits are done to service delivery level and guide and continual improvement.

The nursing division is regarded as the hospital’s backbone in medical care giving patients a positive hospital experience and a conducive environment for quick recovery.

The Division of Nursing comprises in-patient units and ambulatory service areas.


It also runs a Nursing Educational Services (NES) department, which is responsible for all orientation, in-house training and in-service education programmes.

In congruence with our Philosophy of Nursing and our Mission to provide high quality patient care, professional leadership and a practice model aimed at promoting wellness, behaviour and a general improvement in the health of the people of the region, the Division of Nursing has set a high priority on the development of nursing staff. Patient care, patient education, nursing management and administration, speciality skills training and educator preparation are areas which receive focused and on-going attention. Creation of a motivating environment through empowerment and provision of access to higher education as well as a multi-track career ladder is another of the Division's high level priorities. New clinical programmes and expanding services provide on-going challenges and opportunities for nursing management, nursing education and nursing staff.

The Division maintains a number of manuals which allow the nursing care team members to access any established policy/procedure/protocol for specific areas of care. More than 150 policies, procedures and protocols under one manual, that is, Policy and Procedure Manuals are available in each unit. Another manual called Nursing Quality Assurance is also maintained which contains quality standards (presently 150+). Every month a certain group of units is audited for two to three standards to ensure that the staff is maintaining maximum possible level of quality in terms of patient care.